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Zoompey 2024 Shanghai R+T Exhibition

Zoompey is Highlights at the 2024 Shanghai R+T Exhibition

In May 2024, Zoompey showcased an array of remarkable products at the Shanghai R+T Exhibition, including roller screens, pleated screens, dual-purpose sunshade and mosquito screens, and various functional meshes. These innovative products have attracted the attention of many exhibiting customers and won wide acclaim.

Roller Screens

Zoompey is roller screens stood out for their exquisite craftsmanship and exceptional performance. Customers at the exhibition were impressed by their high definition, smooth operation, and versatile application scenarios.

Pleated Screens

This unique pleated screen attracted the gaze of many designers and decoration companies. Its exquisite design and flexible usage options showcased endless decorating possibilities, receiving enthusiastic praise from the market.

Dual-Purpose Screens (Sunshade and Anti-mosquito )

Zoompey’s dual-purpose sunshade and mosquito screens combined sunshade and anti-mosquito functions, garnering favor among customers. This innovative product not only provides comfortable outdoor spaces but also effectively blocks mosquitoes, receiving unanimous recognition from both residential and commercial customers.

Functional Meshes

Various functional meshes showcased by Zoompey also garnered widespread attention from customers. Whether used for isolation, decoration, or protection, these mesh products demonstrated excellent quality and diverse application scenarios, earning the favor of customers.
Throughout the exhibition, Zoompey’s products not only received praise from a wide range of customers but also attracted numerous customers to leave their contact information, expressing their anticipation for future cooperation opportunities. As a leading enterprise in the sunshade industry, Zoompey will continue to focus on product innovation and service optimization, providing customers with more high-quality, high-performance sunshade products, and jointly creating a brighter future!
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