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Zoompey at The 135th Canton Fair

On April 23, 2024, zoompey was honored to participate in the 135th Canton Fair, and we brought our popular products, including a variety of functional screen mesh, screen door and window system, among which the blind screen door has attracted much attention. At the exhibition site, we welcomed many customers from all over the world, and they showed great interest and praise for our products

As one of our key display products, the blind screen has attracted the attention of many customers. Its unique design and functional features were unanimously recognised by customers. Our professional team introduced the features and advantages of the blind screen to customers in detail, including its high quality material manufacturing, flexible operation, beautiful appearance design and excellent sunshade and anti-mosquito effect. Customers expressed high recognition of the practicality and multi-functionality of the blind screen, and have expressed their purchase intention and willingness to cooperate!
In addition to blind screens, our other products were also favoured by our customers. Functional screen mesh and screen door and window systems attracted many exhibition visitors with their high quality, innovative design and diversified choices. Our product display was widely recognised and praised. Customers spoke highly of the quality and performance of our products and expressed their willingness to establish long-term cooperation with us.
The interactive exchanges at the exhibition site not only enhanced the communication and understanding with customers, but also provided valuable reference and guidance for zoompey future development. We will continue to work hard to improve the quality of our products and services, and provide our customers with better quality products and more satisfactory experience.
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