Slim Frame Window Screen Production Process

This article introduces the production process of slim frame window screen, which uses narrow aluminum profile as the frame and Pleated Mesh to prevent mosquitoes and present a fashionable and simple look and feel to decorate your home. The article will introduce the production process of extremely narrow screen in detail, let's understand this screen product together

1.Measure and mark mesh hole positions

2.Use a drill to punch holes in the mesh

3.Secure plastic strips on both sides of the mesh

4.Punch holes in plastic strips

5.Secure the drawstring buckle to the hole in the plastic strip

6.Thread the drawstring into the drawstring buckle and mesh

7.Profile hole pressing

8.Thread the magnetic strip into the pull rod

9.Insert the plastic cover strip into the profile

10.Cut off excess plastic strips

11.Insert the plastic strip into the pull rod

12.Fix the pulley to both ends of the tie rod

13.Thread the plastic strip at the other end into the profile

14.Pull the rope through the corner code, connecting the spring and the gasket

15.Place the gasket into the profile

16.The other end uses the same method

Assembly frame

18.Adjust drawstring

19.Cover side frame with plastic cover strip

20.Complete installation

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