Aluminum mesh safety screen door: anti-mosquito, ventilation, more safety

Aluminum mesh safety screen door is a new screen door products, it takes into account the screen door anti-mosquito, ventilation characteristics, also has a high intensity security. The appearance is also very different from the ordinary screen door, more high-end fashion, is a collection of various advantages in one screen door products.

aluminum mesh safety screen door

Aluminum mesh safety screen door adopts aluminum mesh, not only anti-mosquito, also more durable, can greatly improve safety, aluminum mesh adopts precision processing to ensure good ventilation effect when used.

aluminum mesh for safety screen door

Aluminum mesh safety screen door uses a solid folding aluminum bar between each piece of mesh, makes the security door smoother when it is switched on and off, and also plays a supporting role to further improve the stability of the aluminum screen door

safety screen door

The frame of aluminum mesh safety screen door is made of high-quality aluminum alloy material, stronger and also ensures a lighter weight

aluminum frame

Aluminum mesh safety screen door is equipped with a security lock, can be opened or closed by simply flicking up and down inside the door, and if it is outside the door, a key is required to open it to ensure the safety of the user.

safety screen door lock

Aluminum mesh safety screen door is suspension rail design, strong aesthetics and practicality, sliding is not easy to produce noise, suspension rail design also makes the ground rail easier to clean.

safety screen door Suspended rail and ground rail

Aluminum mesh safety screen doors are not only suitable for home, but also for various business occasions, such as shopping malls, offices, coffee shops,etc.

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