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Polyester Screen Mesh Test, Share About Anti-mosquito and Insect Screen Mesh

Polyester Screen Mesh Test, Share About Anti-mosquito and Insect Screen Mesh

This post introduces you to polyester screen mesh, polyester is a synthetic fiber, a type of polyester fiber. Polyester screen mesh is a mesh structure made of polyester fibers, with tensile strength, corrosion resistance, easy to clean and other characteristics, often used in screen doors or window screen.


Polyester screen mesh has a strong durability, not easily affected by the sun, rain, corrosion and other natural environmental factors, in the rainy weather can also maintain relative stability, is not easy to moisture decay, has good tensile properties, not easy to break or deformation, you can maintain the stability of the grid, and polyester screen mesh is more lightweight relative to some of the other materials of the mesh, to prevent the mosquitoes and insects from entering in our daily life has a better role.

We also tested the polyester screen mesh:

1. Kneading test

through the polyester screen mesh rubbing damage test, you can see the screen mesh surface has some more creases, but does not affect the shape of the grid, still has a good anti-mosquito, anti-insect characteristics, durability of the characteristics of the screen mesh to ensure that a longer service life

2. Combustion test

through the polyester screen for combustion, you can see the polyester screen after burning basically no smoke, will only produce a small amount of plastic flavor, polyester material is also more secure, do not have to worry about affecting the environment in the family!

The colors of screen mesh are usually black, white and gray, of course we also accept customization, our factory can produce the colors that customers need, whether it is plain mesh or Pleated Mesh

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