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PET Pleated Mesh

Mesh size: 20×20, 32×32, 48×48
Color: black
GSM: 45±5g
Pleating height: 15/20mm, (customized)
Mesh height: 1-3m
Mesh length: 20-30m
Material: Polypropylene + Polyethylene

PET Pleated Mesh is a high-end anti-mosquito mesh that is made of more environmentally friendly materials and has HD vision and better ventilation.

Product Description

We are professional screen mesh manufacturers It is a factory that produces various types of flat mesh and pleated mesh Our gauze materials include PP, PET, fiberglass, polyester, PVC, Aluminum. Etc. We can customize the mesh color according to your requirements

flat mesh and pleated mesh

Flat net and pleated net

Pleated Mesh

High quality Pleated Mesh

Pleated Mesh

hexagonal mesh and square mesh

Pleated Mesh Color

Available in a variety of colors

No distortion in cold or heat,high tenacity and not easy to distort under

Warps and woofs of folding insect screen are made from polyester yarns and fiber glass fabrics by blend-weaving no spring works. handle stays where you leave and never slams back

High grade aluminium profile,plissee mesh screen and plastic accessories meet Euro-pean Reach environmental standard

Effectively isolate mosquitoes from entering the room Strong fiame retardant ability no volatile odor No harmful pollution

Zoompey Factory

Our factory uses advanced equipment and adopts standard mesh manufacturing process to ensure product quality and more competitive product prices


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