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how to choose screen door and window

How to Choose a Home Screen Window and Screen Door

Home screen windows and screen doors not only add a beautiful decorative effect to the interior, but also effectively prevent mosquitoes, flying insects and other insects from entering the interior, enhancing the comfort of living. However, with the increase in the number of screen window and screen door types on the market, how to choose the screen window and screen door that suits your family’s needs has become a problem worth thinking about. In this article, we will introduce you to how to choose a home screen window screen door from a combination of material selection, functional considerations, style selection and other relevant factors.

1. Material selection

Material is a crucial factor when choosing a home screen window screen door. Common home screen window screen door materials include aluminium alloy, stainless steel, wood and so on.

Aluminium frame screen door: light and strong, easy to install and clean, with excellent corrosion resistance, suitable for long-term use.

Stainless steel screens and doors: high corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance, as well as anti-theft function, suitable for families in need of higher security options.

Wooden screen window and screen door: good thermal insulation performance, with a natural, warm appearance, suitable for the pursuit of natural style of family choice.

2. Functional considerations

In addition to the material, the function of the home screen window screen door is also an important factor to consider when choosing.

Anti-mosquito function: one of the basic functions of screen windows and doors is to prevent insects such as mosquitoes and flying insects from entering the house. Therefore, you need to make sure that the density of the screen mesh is high enough to effectively block the entry of small insects.

Ventilation and Breathability Function: Home screen doors and screens need to have good ventilation and breathability function to keep the indoor air circulating and ensure fresh indoor air.

Anti-dust or anti-bacteria function: In addition to anti-mosquito and ventilation functions, it is also necessary to consider whether a certain anti-dust or anti-bacteria function is needed, and this special function requires the screen door to use a special function net to achieve the effect, such as anti-bacteria mesh, anti-dust mesh and so on.

Highly transparent function: choosing high-definition screen door can effectively prevent the screen door from blocking the view and sunlight.

3. Style selection

There are many different styles of home screen windows and doors, the common ones are folding, rolling, electric and so on. Different styles are suitable for different use scenarios.

Folding type screen window and screen door: opening does not take up space, anti-mosquito effect is good, HD effect is general, easy to operate, usually left and right sliding open or close.

Rolling screen window screen door: open does not take up space, the appearance is more beautiful, anti-mosquito effect is good, HD effect is good, according to the size of the door and window you can choose a single or double open.

Electric screen window screen door: suitable for larger windows, electric open effortless, a sense of technology, highlighting the high-end

To sum up, when choosing family screen window screen door, you need to consider the material, function, style and other factors to meet the actual needs of the family. When choosing, according to the family’s decoration style, the use of the scene, the budget and other factors to make a comprehensive weighing, choose a suitable for their families screen window screen door products!
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