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Honeycomb Blinds, a Good Choice for Indoor Shades

Honeycomb Blinds, a Good Choice for Indoor Shades

Honeycomb blinds are a new type of indoor Sunshade named honeycomb blinds because of the honeycomb like design, it also has an alias called organ blinds. Installing honeycomb blinds is one of the shading options that many homes are choosing nowadays.

1. Appearance, structure

Beehive curtains can be seen from the side view it is composed of numerous hexagons, each hexagon is fixed by a special environmentally friendly glue links, this structure makes the honeycomb curtains can effectively isolate the indoor and outdoor temperature, sound insulation. Honeycomb curtain usually consists of two layers of material, respectively, the inner layer of the Sunshade fabric, usually tin foil material; the outer layer is usually made of non-woven material, which can be printed with various colors and patterns, and after special treatment, it can also achieve the effect of waterproofing, and through the environmental protection glue link between the inner and outer layers.


Constant temperature insulation:

Because of the simulated honeycomb design, honeycomb curtains can maintain a constant indoor temperature, whether it is a cold winter or hot summer, can maximize the insulation of outdoor temperature, play a heat preservation effect

Better Sunshade effect:

The design of the three-layer fabric structure of the organ curtain can maximize the isolation of light penetration and ensure the privacy of the space. It is also possible to choose full shade or half shade according to the needs of different families.

Waterproof effect:

Organ curtain surface after special treatment, can be effectively waterproof, not afraid of splashing water, not afraid of air humidity, waterproof effect also determines the organ curtain will not be like ordinary sunshade moisture moldy

Easy to clean:

Honeycomb shades are very easy to clean, unlike ordinary shades that need to be cleaned, honeycomb shades only need to be wiped with a damp rag to remove the dust on them

3.Application Scene

Because of the characteristics of the honeycomb curtain, it can be applied in more use scenarios, because it is not afraid of moisture, so it can be used not only in the living room, bedroom shading, but also in the bathroom window shading. It can also be used in skylight shading, it can even be used in any shading scenario you can think of.


The honeycomb blinds introduced in this article not only has a beautiful appearance and clever design, but also has the characteristics of thermostatic insulation, sunshade, waterproof, etc. It can be applied in a variety of use scenarios, and it is one of the most popular indoor sunshade products today.

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