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Factory Manufacture Insect Screen Mesh Whole Process, Wholesale Anti Mosquito Insect Mesh

Today, we will show you our mesh factory. The insect screen mesh is mainly used in screen door and window screen. The article will explain the production process of insect-proof yarn in detail


First of all, the raw materials need to be prepared before production, and the anti-mosquito mesh is usually made of polyester fiber, glass fiber or other synthetic fibers

1. Wire drawing process, through the process of spinning and drawing the raw material into fiber. These threads can have different thicknesses and fiber structures, which can be adjusted as needed
2. Weave or weave the fiber into a network structure, this step can be completed by mechanical weaving or weaving machines, according to the design needs to make different densities, sizes and shapes of the mesh
3. Stereotyping and dyeing, weaving of anti-mosquito mesh require some post-treatment and processing technology, such as stereotyping, dyeing or coating treatment, to enhance its anti-insect, waterproof or durable performance
4. Cut the required size, after the completion of the mesh structure, the anti-mosquito mesh will be cut according to the specific size requirements, and then finish and trim the edges to make it meet the specifications of the final product
5. Quality inspection, after the mosquito screen is made, the quality inspection will be carried out to ensure that the product meets the relevant standards and requirements. This may involve checking mesh size, strength, uniformity, and whether it has the desired functional properties

6. Packaging, the last step is to package the anti-mosquito gauze, which is usually packaged according to customer orders or sales requirements, and then waiting to be distributed to sellers or end users


The above is the whole production process of the anti-insect mesh.

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