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Factory Honeycomb Blinds Fabric Production Process, Wholesale and Custom

Factory Honeycomb Blinds Fabric Production Process, Wholesale and Custom

In this complex and critical process of honeycomb blinds fabric manufacturing, we have polished every step to ensure the most perfect honeycomb shutter for you. Our custom processes are designed to exceed expectations and bring unparalleled beauty and functionality to your Windows. Let’s dive into each step and experience the birth of Honeycomb shutter fabric:

1. Fabric dyeing

We start with the selection of high-quality fabrics and go through a careful dyeing process to ensure that each piece of fabric presents the most vibrant, long-lasting color. Our professional dyeing team uses the most advanced technology to breathe life into fabrics, giving them a unique personality on your Windows.

2. Cut the sample and compare whether the color is correct

Cut out the sample, which is our first test of color accuracy. Each piece of sample is rigorously compared to ensure that the color matches the design. If there are any differences, we will take immediate steps to adjust them to ensure color consistency and accuracy.

3. Adjust the color

When color differences are noticed, we will quickly adjust the dyeing formula to ensure that the color meets your expectations. Whether it is deep classic tones or fresh bright colors, we are committed to customizing the perfect color combination for you.

4. Cut the dyed fabric to a fixed size and measure it

Through the strict control of color, we cut the fabric to the exact size. Every inch of fabric is carefully measured to ensure compliance with established standards. Our production team strives for precision to ensure that every piece of blinds fabric is perfectly crafted.

5. Apply glue to the cut strip fabric and preliminarily stick together

The cut fabric strips are artfully coated with glue and initially bonded by a special machine to lay the foundation for the final shape of the honeycomb blinds fabric. We use high quality glues to ensure a strong bond throughout the service life of your curtains to provide lasting service.

6. Fix the fabric strip and wait for it to be glued in the oven at high temperature

The strips of fabric, initially bonded, are carefully secured and placed in a high temperature oven. This step is sublimation in the production process, and the high-temperature bonding ensures that every adhesive point will stand the test of time, providing a solid guarantee for the stability and durability of blinds.

7. After baking in the oven, manually test the adhesion and flatness of the fabric

After baking, each honeycomb curtain is subjected to rigorous manual testing. Our professional team will carefully check every adhesive point to ensure that it is even and strong. At the same time, the flatness of the curtain will also be carefully cared for to ensure that it presents a perfect effect after installation.

8. Package the honeycomb louver fabric after testing

Once the Honeycomb blinds fabric has passed all the tests, it is carefully packaged. Our packaging process is designed to ensure that curtains are kept in perfect condition during transportation and installation.


Through this rigorous and well-developed production process, we strive to provide you with impeccable customization of honeycomb louver fabric. Every step is a strict requirement for quality, and every place is the care of details. Choose us and choose the professional quality of shading blinds to make your Windows shine new.

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