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Everything you need to know about window screens

7 Most Popular Questions About Window Screens

Window screens are a part of our daily lives that are easy to forget about till they aren’t working. Though simple, window screens make an impact on our daily lives. Today, we are sharing a few more reasons why we all should appreciate our window screens.

What is the Purpose of Window Screens?

At first this may seem like an odd question. However, if you’ve never taken the time to appreciate your screens, this is a viable question. Because of advanced technology and modern needs, window screens can serve a variety of purposes including solar protection, air filtration, and more. However, every screen created is meant to several at least one purpose and that is to keep bugs and other pests out of your home and out of your life.

When Were Screens Invented?

Screens first came to be during the 1880s. American Farmer is one of the first places that mentions window screens: “woven wire for window screens.” However, the first patent for the invention of the window screen was filed by Bayley and McCluskey on July 7, 1868. It is reported that cheese clothes and even woven horsehair served as window screen construction materials until they started using galvanized steel during the 1920s and later aluminum and woven fiberglass.

Why Are Window Screens Important?

Because window screens keep bugs and pests out of your home such as mosquitos, flies, spiders, squirrels, raccoons, and other disease carrying pests, when window screens began to be implemented on a widespread scale,saw a significant decline in diseases related to pests. Less cases of malaria were reported and food wasn’t spoiled by flies. Though simple and seemingly unimpressive, window screens keep us healthy, happy, and able to enjoy life without flies, mosquitos, and gnats buzzing round our heads.

How Long Do Window Screens Last?

The short answer to this question is it depends on the material that your screen is made out of and the wear and tear that it encounters. For example, many pet owners experience ripped screens due to the paws and claws of their furry friends. However, if they install pet screen, which is seven times stronger than traditional screen, they can enjoy whole screens for months if not years longer than traditional screen. Super screen can also provide increased durability as well as stainless steel screen and security screen.

How Much Does It Cost to Rescreen a Window Screen?

The answer to this question is that it depends. It depends on the type of screen that you choose to screen your windows with. Typically, you can expect to spend anywhere from $5.00 and up to $99.00 if you decide to DIY your window screen repairs. For repairing your own window screen you need:

  • Window screen mesh
  • Screen hardware
  • Spline
  • Screen frame
  • Tools such as a rolling tool andutility knife

If you decide to repair your screen with a complete screen that you just have to pop into your window, you may spend $40.00 and sometimes over $100.00 depending on the materials you choose for your screen’s mesh. If you decide to have someone else install your window screen, you must add an additional cost for labor; typically for a handyman to install a window screen, it costs up to $340 dollars (including screen cost).

How Do You Fix Window Screens?

  • Sometimes you can repair a tiny hole or tear in the screen with fishing line and some patience: loop the line through the mesh near the hole, then pull the ends of the hole together, and then tie the fishing line to secure. However, if the hole or tear is too large, a simple repair won’t do. You will need to fix your window screen with a new piece of mesh:
    To fix your window screen, you must first remove the damaged screen by disengaging the spline.
  • Cut the new piece of mesh larger than the screen frame, using the old or new spline, secure the screen in the frame and cut the excess mesh away.
  • Replace screen within the corresponding window

Other parts of your screen can sometimes need repair including the hardware and frame. To learn how to measure, check out our measuring FAQ page.

Should You Remove Screen From Windows in Winter?

It depends. The benefits of removing the screens of your windows is that it allows you to replace your screens with storm windows while protecting your screens from the damage of winter’s elements. Storm windows provide an extra barrier that keeps snow and ice out of the sill of your window which can eventually create water damage if left alone. For older homes with older style windows and wooden window frames, storm windows can be a worthwhile investment. However, for those with modern windows with vinyl window frames, storm windows are usually unnecessary — and a bit overkill. It’s best to consider what would benefit your home the most.

What is the Best Material for Window Screens?

The best material for your window screens will depend on what you want from your screens. If you simply want to keep the bugs out and don’t need durability, fiberglass can be a sufficient material. However, other window screening materials can often be a better investment for many homeowners. Specialty screen may cost more than fiberglass screen, but it can offer more benefits, last longer, and make the additional investment worth it:

  • Pet screen – 7x more durable than traditional screen and withstands the wear and tear of pet paws and claws. Use for window screens and screen doors.
  • Super screen – 3x more durable than traditional screen and can be beneficial to use anywhere and especially for screened-in porches.
  • Solar screen – provides UV protection in addition to pest protection and can protect your home from sun damage
  • Copper screen – best for vintage or modern industrial homes as it ages to a bronze patina.
  • Air filtration screen – purifies the air, trapping pollen, pollution, and other allergens within the screen
  • Tiny mesh – smaller mesh keeps gnats and other no-see-um pests out of your home
  • Retractable screens – allows you to have screen protection when you want it
  • Invisible screen – allows you to enjoy the view out your window without impairment from your screen

There are even more types of specialty screen available that can do more for you than just keep the four-, six-, and eight-legged pests out.

Have More Questions?

Have more questions about your window screens? Learn more about measuring FAQs and other FAQs, or contact Zoompey! We are the Top Rated Zoompey® window screen manufacturer since 2000. We provide high-quality window screen materials and tools at competitive prices. We offer custom sizes as well! We would love to provide you the window screens that you need. Shop our online window screen store!
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