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Anti-mosquito Screen Doors and Windows Recommended: Roller Screen Door

Anti-mosquito Screen Doors and Windows Recommended: Roller Screen Door

Roller screen door for mosquito control in domestic and commercial environments.


Anti-mosquito screen doors and windows have become essential things for people’s families, installing screen doors and screens can effectively isolate who is inside and outside the space, and prevent mosquitoes, flies, and other insects from entering, but does not affect who is inside and outside the airflow, making the family environment more comfortable.


Today we recommend a roller screen door, it is not only beautiful, but the anti-mosquito effect is very good, the article will introduce the roller screen door in detail!

What is a roller screen door?

Roller mesh door is a kind of anti-mosquito screen door by rolling to open or close, mainly by the frame, screen mesh, rollers, screws and other accessories, rolling screen door can be made according to the needs of a single open or double open (single handle or double handle). depending on the size, it can be made into a screen door or a screen window.

Roller screen door features:

The roller insect screen is made of a lightweight aluminum alloy frame and a strong, clever mechanical design structure, and can be rolled up and stored like a rolling door without taking up extra space.
The roller screen door is made of high-quality screen mesh with high light transmission and high air permeability, which only divides the space without blocking the view. At the same time, the screen mesh is easy to clean, just rinse it with water.

Application Scenarios of Rolling Screen Door:

Rolling anti-mosquito doors can be installed in any room in the home, such as a bedroom, kitchen, or toilet, Of course, rolling screen doors are also widely used in commercial places, such as bars, coffee shops, meeting rooms, etc.

Installation of Rolling Screen Doors:

The installation of a rolling screen door is extremely simple, each screen door is reserved for the installation of screws, usually in the four corners of the screen door, covered by the hole cover, open the hole cover can see the screw holes, and you only need to align the holes to install on the door frame or window frame can be!


Rolling screen doors not only have good anti-mosquito and ventilation effects but are also suitable for multi-scenario applications, while the installation is very simple, suitable for every home and place.
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