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Anti-mosquito Screen Door and Window Recommended: European Screen Door

Anti-mosquito Screen Door and Window Recommended: European Screen Door

Beautiful and Practical European-style Screen Door

European style screen uses a Pleated Mesh hidden design, is anti-mosquito and anti-insect at the same time also maximizes the enhancement of your family’s beauty.

screen door frame is thickened aluminum alloy, maximizes the stability of the screen door.

the application of the pivot type sliding rails also improves the use of the European mesh door, you can effortlessly pull the screen door.

these qualities have made the European screen window has become the door screen market deservedly hot! These qualities have made the European style screen windows become a deservedly hot seller in the door screen market. In this article, we will introduce the characteristics of European-style mesh doors in detail.

Simple appearance

European anti-mosquito door overall minimalist design, narrower aluminum frame with Pleated Mesh, reasonable color matching at a glance will not look out of place, easier to integrate into the home decoration style, it can be black, white, gray, etc., also supports customized patterns. It can be black, gray, etc., and also supports customized patterns. While ensuring usability, it hides the screen door handle, which sets off the minimalist style to a more extreme degree.

Selected high-quality materials

European anti-mosquito door frames overall selection of aluminum alloy material, more solid and at the same time more lightweight, reduces the burden of transportation and handling, but is easier to install, high-quality materials also make the screen door a a longer life expectancy

Strong practicality

European mesh door using high mesh Pleated Mesh, anti-mosquito and anti-insect performance of up to 99%, but also has good ventilation performance and good light transmission, even when the mesh door is closed, you can feel the natural wind and sunshine, anti-mosquito while minimizing the presence of the screen window

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Easy installation

European insect door installation requires only a few screws, only with a hand drill can be freely installed, can be fixed by the four mounting corners, you can also directly on the insect door frame be screwed, greatly reducing the difficulty of installation

More needs

With the improvement of people’s quality of life, anti-mosquito and anti-insects will be the necessary needs of every family, then the screen window or screen door will be a good choice for family mosquito control!


Anti-mosquito and anti-insect fly doors and windows will be a necessary need for every family, and European fly doors fulfill this need by having a more simple and beautiful appearance while preventing mosquitoes, as well as having better product quality.

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