Luxury Dual-purpose Sunshade and Anti-mosquito Window Screen Factory Production Process

This article explains the whole process of manufacturing dual-purpose luxury window screens

Through detailed steps to explain, let you know more about the window screen, and even learn to do it yourself

Mark the hole location and drill the hole for blinds and mesh

Secure plastic strips on both sides of the mesh and blinds

Use a tool to punch holes in the plastic strip

Install the cable tie in the hole of the plastic strip

Thread the drawstring through the plastic strip and the holes in the blinds

The same is true for mesh

Cut off excess plastic strips

Insert the magnetic strip into the pull rod

Thread the mesh and blinds into the tie rod

Install the pulleys at both ends of the tie rod

Insert the mesh and blinds into the profile

Thread the drawstring into the Angle code and drawstring buckle

Place the drawstring buckle into the profile on the other side

Use the same method for the pull rope on the other side

Insert the profile into the plastic cover strip

Combine profiles

Adjust drawstring and test

Complete installation

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