Screen mesh

Fiberglass Screen Mesh

  • Type:Mesh For Door & Window Screens
  • Effective width:0.6- 3m
  • Mesh number: 15*17, 16*18, 20*20, Custom
  • Weight: 105±5gsm, 120±5gsm, 130±5gsm, Custom
  • Color: Gray, Black, White, Custom
    • Product Detail

    Product Description

    These series of products are made from fiberglass filament making us of international weaving technology. The manufacturing process comprises ethylene resin coating, plain weaving and high-temperature setting.

    Highly resistant to flame, bending, heat and cold, high strength, mold or moths, easy to clean, stable structure, good ventilation, and long service life.

    Being visually elegant and refreshing, our products are widely used for household purposes and in animal husbandry, gardening, forestry, agricultural, and in industrial sectors as an ideal material for resisting flying pests like bees, moths, mosquitoes and flies allow you to enjoy the fresh air.

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