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46 Roller Screen Door Factory Production Process

46 Roller Screen Door Factory Production Process

This article will introduce the whole process of factory production of Roller Screen Door. I believe that after reading this article, you will have a better understanding of Screen Door, and you can try to produce and install Screen Door by yourself

Thread the magnetic strip into the prepared profile

Pull the rod to install the mute rubber strip

Install fur strip

Install mesh box base and profile fixing Angle

Assembly shaft

Measure the lock position and place the retaining gasket

interposition Lock strip

Fixed lock core

Test lock core

Profile cutting Angle

Cut the required drawstring

The pull rope passes into the pull rod and the fixed Angle

Thread the drawstring into the drawstring buckle

Secure corner code and wire buckle, assemble frame

Adjust drawstring

Attach double-sided tape to the prepared mesh

Temporarily fix the storm strip to the mesh

Sewing wind strips and mesh

The mesh is inserted into the round tube

Thread the mesh into the tie rod

Fixed mesh

The round tube is loaded into the mesh box, and the rotating shaft is inserted into the round tube and fixed

Adjust shaft

Test shaft tension

Place the yarn box into the frame and adjust the drawstring again

Cover with plastic strip

Complete installation


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